"Jason! wow!  Thank you so much for these amazing photos! They are gorgeous. Really lucky to have you document this."

- Rebecca Posner, Atlas Obscura


"Easy, personal, comfortable. As a team (and couple) Jason and Des understand what I need from my shots and navigated the session so smoothly that I not only did I relax, I was startled to see how great the shots were.  All feedback is: "Wow, great shot! It looks just like you. Who took it?"...I've never been so happy with a headshot session."  - "Oh my god, Jason!! I @*&@$^^#^$$^%# Love them !!!!!!" 

- Zillah Glory, AEA, SAG Actor, NYC


"I'm a little over whelmed by my options but totally blissed out on the whole thing!" 

- Greer Vashon, AEA, SAG Actor, NYC


"I hired Jason to shoot some images of my client and his pub for promotional use.  We were thrilled with the results and the pictures were key in securing a two page spread featuring my client in a major trade publication. That translates into thousands of dollars of advertising simply because the editor liked the images." 

- Laura Morgan, PR Professional, NYC


"Fantastic photos taken by an incredibly nice, personable guy. I'm one of the Artistic Directors of a downtown theater company, and Jason's taken incredible photos of our shows, as well as beautiful headshots of some of our actors."

 - Justin Yorio, Artistic Director AMIOS Theater Collective, NYC


"You and Des were so welcoming and made me feel completely at home!  The shots are great - exactly what I wanted. There are so many good ones it's hard for me to choose. Please count on me to tell people about JDHallPhoto and dont' hesitate to use me as a reference."  

 - John Pitt, CFA (Corporate Headshot Client)


"Thanks to JDHallPhoto for the shoot in NYC last week. You knew exactly what to do, fit into the room seamlessly and didn't need me for anything. A true Professional."  

- Tim Phillips, Author, Owner Tim Phillips Studio


"Just got asked to sign with MSA! Guess the pics worked!"

 - Melanie Mahanna, Actor, Model